Ready Cool


Ready Cool

Keep your diamonds cool and increase perfomance!




“READY COOL” is the new AUTO-COOLING DIAMOND PLATE HOLDER BY KLINDEX®, developed to solve some of the common problems of dry grinding, “the excessive heat of the tool adversely affect the efficiency and performance”.

Experienced operators know the challenges of maintaining diamond tool performance due to the diamonds heating up excessively. The temperature rise is caused by friction, concentrations of dust under the hood of the planetarium, and accumulation of heat trapped in the hood.
The heat increase makes losing cutting performance and durability of the tool, thanks to the new plate “READY COOL”, which helps to cool the tool during use, the problem is solved!


The new plate holder “Ready Cool” creates a vortex of air around the diamond tools thanks to the SUSPENSION SYSTEM. The air flow generated due to the space between the plate holder cools the diamonds effectively and at the same time, helps the aspiration process of the vacuum to more effectively extract the dust generated during the grinding process.

• Longer tool life.
• Dust extraction is more efficient.
• Lower risk of blunting the tools by excessive heat.
• Increase performance of dry grinding.
• Lower operating costs.
• Easy delivery.
• More flexibility to adjust the speed of the grinding performance of the machine by removing or adding diamond segments.
• Same tools for different size machines.



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