New Products

Details: SMAKKIO BASE Has been formulated in order to resolve various common problems of organic and soot spots.

Details: SMAKKIO GRAFFITI Removes graffiti from stone, marble, granite or brick. Apply the product on the surface with a paint-brush or spray. Sponge with a

Details: SMAKKIO MOLD Removes spots due to mold, lichen and weed. Apply a generous amount of product and leave to act for as long as necessary. Rinse the

Details: SMAKKIO OIL Removes oil spots. Apply a liberal amount of the product to form a small layer. Leave it to act for several hours until it completely

Details: To remove rust.

Details: SMAKKIO URINE Removes spots left by urine, leaves, wood etc. Apply a liberal amount of product and leave it to act for several hours (3-24 hours).

Details: SMAKKIO WARNISH Removes all types of resin-based coatings, varnish or silicone. Its viscous formula makes it also ideal for vertical surfaces. Apply

Details: SMAKKIO WINE & COFFEE Removes wine e coffee spots. Apply a liberal amount of product and leave it to act for several hours (3-24 hours). Remove

Details: • 17"/430mm • 9,5"/240mm

Details: To use diamond with AS attach ø 100mm. Specific for: • Rotoklin 240, • Rotoklin 320, • Rotoklin 400.

Details: Key Chain with universal trolley coin    






Details: Skraper Ring complete of PCD Skraper 70090X Specific for : • 16"/400mm for Rotoklin 400 •  11"/320mm for Rotoklin

Details: BUSH HAMMER  is an exclusive special tool designed by Klindex for many applications: -to make safety anti-slip surfaces on marble,

Details: Diamond tools for medium abrasive concrete.  Grit available: • DA 00 grit 20 • DA 0 grit 40 • DA 1 grit 70 • DA 2 grit

Details:   Professional floor grinder basic.   Levighetor 600 is the most versatile professional floor machine. Equipped with planetary it

Details: Diamond tools for polishing marble, terrazzo and stones. Grit:  • Jaguar Flex gr. 30 • Jaguar Flex gr. 60 • Jaguar Flex gr.

Details: Grit Availables: • ML 3 • ML 4 • ML 5 • ML 6 • ML 7 • ML 8

Details: PolishCopter is an incredible patented innovation! It consists of Special Blades that can be applicated on any Power Trowel in order to smooth or to

Details:   The JUNIOR INOX series has been designed with the most advanced technology and build with: • Independent self cooling motors.

Details:   Supervak Smart 15H are a very performing power cleaners at a very affordable price. Thanks to the insertion of a “spacer

Details:   SUPERVAK 75 is the ideal vacuum cleaner to connect to small and medium sized grinders. It is Ideal for all works in which big quantity

Details:   SUPERVAK 90M is a powerful vacuum cleaner with induction motors and Stellar filter. It is recommended for suction of dust, waste

Details:   SUPERVAK 250 is equipped with 2 independent Motors 4 kW each for a total power of 8 kW or HP 11 and a large filtering room, it is the

Details:   SUPERVAK 90 is a powerful compact vacuum cleaner to vacuum large quantities of dusts such as: plaster, cement, flour, scabs, sawdust,

Details: Sandpaper for wood and hardwood floors. Grit: • Grit 24 • Grit 36 • Grit 60 • Grit 80 • Grit 100

Details: Directionable wheels 360° to move the machine in all directions like a mouse. Specific for: • Levighetor® 600 • Levighetor®

Details: Crystallizator liquid for marble and terrazzo. Marble & Terrazzo floor crystallization liquid used to maintain polished marble and terrazzo

Details: The  ANTIKE BRUSHES  are the best way to produce an antique look on marble and wood floors in a natural and strictly mechanical way

Details: Professional low-pressure SPRAYER to apply the BETON COLOR

Details: Concentrate liquid colours to be diluted in 4 lt of Acetone to colour concrete floors. The colour of BETON COLOR above showed are indicative. They

Details: BETON HARDENER is a special product to improve the hardness and quality of new and old concrete floors. It reacts with the salt of cement increasing

Details: Scrubber to remove excess stucco.

Details: 110V or 220V

Details: Stucco stick (available in various colours. Ideal for SMALL REPAIRS on polished floors.)

Details: Product for polyester and acrylic mastic. Available in many colours

Details: Epoxy resin with hardener (4:2), ideal for consolidating stone or REPAIRING fine cracks or fractures. Faster curing time and more suitable for wide

Details: Colourless and very transparent polyester stucco. Ideal for consolidating stone or repairing fine cracks or fractures. Faster curing time and more

Details: Flowing polyester stucco for general reparing and bonding of horizontal pieces. Also suitable for filling cracks and holes. Very good to use on

Details: A polyester stucco for marble and granite for general repairing, bonding and for vertical application. Economical and available in various colours.

Details: Polishing wax carnauba based