New Products

Details:   Portable grinding planetary machine  to polish counter tops and stairs.   UFO is a manual planetary polisher for grinding

Details: Water repellent Nanotechnology formulation for cement surfaces, mortar, bricks, marble and natural stones. Economic, Durable, Effective  

Details:   Superconcrete System Transform your concrete floor Now!   Thanks to the continuous research of new technologies for surface


Details:   Professional floor grinder complete of Planetary K1200. Patented Mono-rotating planetary.   LEVIGHETOR 645 is the most

Details:   Single-disc floor grinder  4 HP single-phase.   ROTOKLIN 320 is a special machine designed for: • Grinding very uneven

Details:     Complete kit Include: CS0 diam.240 Q.A. (3 pieces). CS1 diam.240 Q.A. (3 pieces). CS2 diam.240

Details: Complete kit Include : GSDA 0 diam. 240 as (3 pieces) GSDA 1 diam. 240 as (3 pieces) GSDA 2 diam. 240 as (3 pieces) GK3 diam. 75 as (9

Details:         Complete kit Include: MS0 diam. 240 Q.A. (3 pieces) MS1 diam. 240 Q.A. (3 pieces) MS2 diam.

Details:   SUPERVAK 200 is the ideal dust collector for all those who have to vacuum big quantities of dust and who have to carry the machine

Details: visit us on: Edward: Recycling is better! Cardboard Shredder EDWARD: Recycling is better! We are pleased

Details: The  Spring Holder System , to be used with 9 pz, diamond discs, ø3”/75mm is a special device developed for grinding and

Details:   SUPERVAK 76 is the ideal vacuum cleaner to connect to medium sized grinders. It is Ideal for all works in which big quantity of

Details: EXPANDER 2000 RX/AT Radio-controlled professional grinding machine with 3 planetary heads, working pressure control, integrated batteries

Details:     4 HP Polisher machine 500rpm New revolutionary system to polish and mantain glossy and not slippery granite, engineered

Details: Diamond tools for medium abrasive concrete. Cost effective with high efficiency.  

Details: LEVELLING,COATING REMOVAL ON GREEN CONCRETE FLOOR. Very tough and hard bond together with special TCK diamond segments, it provides fast and

Details:   Supervak 144-155-175:  three-phase vacuum cleaners for liquids, solids and dusts. Like most of Klindex vacuums it finds endless

Details:   Supervak K11,  Professional and efficient vacuum cleaner equipped with two stainless steel drums and cyclonic pre-separator. The

Details:   Supervak 130 and 140  are vacuum cleaners with industrial 3-phase motors at low cost.  Very powerful machine but not big

Details: Mesh disc for wood and hardwood floors. Grit: Grit 80 Grit 120 Grit 240

Details:   Innovative dust extractor • Automatic ASC “Air pulse cleaning system” thank thanks to air blasts regulated by an

Details:   Klindex introduces Flash Diamond The new 3 steps polishing system for all marble, terrazzo and concrete surfaces 3 STEPS ONLY FAST

Details:     Klindex introduces Flash Diamond The new 3 steps polishing system for all marble, terrazzo and concrete surfaces   3 STEPS

Details:   Propane floor grinder with variable speed and adjustable working pressure. Expander 850 propane  with 850 mm working section is

Details:   Propane floor grinder with variable speed and adjustable working pressure. Expander 750 propane  with 750 mm working section is

Details:     The advanced roto-orbital single disc.    Mini Orbit, the advanced professional multi-purpose single brush which

Details: Epogrout system to fill up concrete surface.  Instruction to use:  a) Mix the two components (A+B) very well. b) Apply the product as


Details:   Planetary floor grinder with variable speed and adjustable working pressure. Expander 850:   Floor grinding and polishing

Details:   Floor grinder machine with 6 heads counterrotating, adjustable work pressure and variable speed.   EXPANDER 999, with the

Details:   Propane floor grinder with patented MONO-ROTATING planetary.   Klindex propane powered grinding and polishing machine with

Details:   The most powerful propane powered Klindex  burnishing machine.   Main advantages:  • Suitable for large

Details:   The propane engine makes Klindex SUPERVAK 250 industrial dust collector the most powerful ever built Kawasaki engine is reliable

Details:   Supervak Oil,   separates shavings from oil when cleaning machine tools . Industrial vacuum cleaners to recover and

Details:   The  ANTIKE BRUSHES  are the best way to produce an antique look on marble floors in a natural and strictly mechanical way

Details:     Roto-Orbital single brush   Very easy to use Reduced maintenance Low power consumption Low dust dispersion  

Details: Diamond tools for abrasive concrete.

Details: Diamond tools for medium-hard concrete. (Not for use on abrasive concrete).

Details: Diamond tools for travertine, terrazzo, limestone, agglomerate and abrasive marble floors. Wet & dry system.

Details: This series has been designed for heavy duty application like connecting to floor grinding machines. These special pre-separators are equipped

Details: Pre-separator with plasti tank of 90 Lt., ideal for vacuuming liquid and acid materials. 

Details: Pre-separator with swinging stainless steel tank of 114 Lt. 

Details: Pre-separator with stainless steel tank of 90 lt.

Details:   3 heads innovative single disc machine New Klindex®  Triple K : tripled productivity.   The 3-head single brush - Triple

Details: The advanced roto-orbital single disc. Maxi Orbit, the advanced professional multipurpose single brush which makes it easy and quick

Details:   SOLIDIFIER FOR CONCRETE AND NATURAL STONES SLUDGES   Slurry Dryer solidifies slurry and sludges into a NON

Details: 17 Kg.

Details:   High Speed  Burnishing machine  with 5,5HP Motor.   The first and the only one in the world! Powerful electric machine