SKARIFIER 201S Concrete and screed milling machine for small to medium sized
areas. The low centre of gravity affords a big silent running and ensures quick and even milling results. A tripled drum bearing and hardened cutter shafts makes it particularly reliabel.
Special caracteristics
- Ergonomic guiding handle, adjustable
- Infinitely variable, lockable adjustment of milling depth
- Edger of 7 mmm space to the wall (option)
- Triple bearing of drum
- Dust proof and maintenance-free drum bearings
- Big running wheels
- Connection for suction unit
- Elevated motor filtration (petrol version)
- Automatic motor cut off at low oil level (petrol version)
- SKARIFIER 201 has special drum with 8 holes. It means that if 4 holes on axel are worn out we can use the other remaining 4 holes to mount 4 new axels. The drum life time is two time than others machines