KP 92 for standard marbles and limestone
for green and marble that contain iron
for terrazzo and palladiana
KG for dark granite
KG CLEAR for dark and clear granite
KMT for soft marbles
KP 85 Is an excellent polishing powder to be used for daily maintenance of polished marble, granite, porcelain and glass surfaces. KP85 is a mix of fine abrasive powders to be mixed with water to quickly remove caked-on soil, soap scum, and embedded stains from grout virtually immediately. It is the ideal product to be used in commercial kitchens, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. on either polished, honed and flamed or other roughtextured stone surfaces
GREY for marbles not easy to polish
GRES To polish porcelain tiles after proper honing
STAIRS for polishing stairs

POLISH KP92 CREAM polishing cream for marble

POLISH KG CREAM polishing cream for granite.