PLANETARIO K800W Planetario Wooden

PLANETARIO 800 rpm It can be used on most regular mono-rotary machines providing that the output is at least 1000 Watts. It multiplies by 4 the rated speed of the machine
PLANETARIO 1000 rpm Ideal to grind and hone marble, limestone and terrazzo floors. It could also be used to grind and hone granite floors, although the K1000 is recommended for harder materials. It works on machines with at least 1200 Watts and increases the rated speed of the machine by 6 times
PLANETARIO 1200 rpm While the K800, K1000 and K2000 use 100 mm. (4”) diameter diamond pads, the K1200 – very similar in performance to the K1000. It can carry 140 mm. (5 1⁄2”) diameter diamond pads.
PLANETARIO 2000 rpm Is the most suitable Planetario for grinding and polishing granite. On granite, it can be used with both mono-phase or tri-phase machines. On marble, it can be used with a tri-phase machine and in this case the K2000 is the fastest machine for grinding marble. It multiplies by 11 the rated speed of the machine
PLANETARIO MULTIDISK ø430mm Can be applied to any mono-rotary floor machine. By increasing the speed of the diamond pads it makes the job faster and better than using a regular pad-holder
THERMIC DISC Is a special patented attachment disc for mono-rotary floor machines. It is designed to heat up the surface of the floor by friction (no electric power) making the crystallization process easier, faster and better