The LEVIGHETOR 700 are specially designed for quickly polishing large areas. It has special Patented Planetario Klindex , called PLANETARIO FREE, different from any other planetary grinding machines. With this system , while the central driver disc runs holding the satellite discs, the planetary motion comes from the friction between the tools and the floor which allow the diamond discs to spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise according to the “grip” that independently each disc take during their rotation. This mechanical system allows the tools to not be forced against the resistance of the surface, instead it alternates the rotation direction to jump from high to low points instead of low to high. Thanks to this kind of rotation there are the following advantages :
a) the lippages of the tile are not damaged.
b) The diamond discs doesn’t break even working on uneven floor
c) It allows to quickly polish large area without before levelling with metallic diamond discs
This special “planetary motion drive“ is the best solution when needs to polish large surfaces like mall, supermarkets , airports, big store etc.