Klindex System is the best system for grinding, honing and polishing marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone and natural stones. Thanks to the full range of Klindex’s machines it is possible to work in small and big areas. It’s also possible to work with dry system!

Sinterezed diamond de-lippage tools are designed to quickly grind uneven marble floors
MK and MCK
Resin-bond diamond pads designed for grinding honing and polishing almost all types of marble
Diamond resin discs manufactured whith high and big segments for long life and high gloss finish. Thei don’t break although the floor has lippage.
With a regular rotary cleaners of any type, even
rent , e with MARMOBELLO KIT you can keep your marble floor shine like if made by professional grinder. MARMOBELLO KIT includes:
a) 9 diamond diam 100 discs grit 120, 400, 800
b) DISCOLUX 17”/430mm
Synthetic abrasive to use for removing mastic and to polish on any very abrasive floor
The ANTIKE brushes are the best way to produce an antique look on marble floors in a natural and strictly mechanical way.

EXPANDER, TIGER and LEVIGHETOR are not only grinding and polishing machines but they can become great bush-hammer and scarifier machines using special accessories. The bush-hammer disk plate is fantastic accessory for the “FACCIAVISTA EFFECT” and to remove glue. Usefull even to remove varnish and resin coating. The bush-hammer disc creates a suitable surfaces in order to lay easly new coating or pavimentation. Unlike traditional scarifiers, which may damage the floor bacause too aggressive, the Klindex tools are aggressive but gentle enough to “dig”, with control, into floor surface.