Electric Panel with wheels

Electric Panel for construction job sites, with stand and wheels, cable winder and 25 m. extension tube 5G6 with plug of 32A 5P 400V.


• 2 sockets da 16A 1Ph 200V.

• 1 socket da 16A 3Ph 5P 400V.

• 1 socket da 32A 3Ph 5P 400V.

• Fiberglass Box Self-extringuishing V0.

• Protection grade IP 65.

• 2 m H07RN-F cable and plug CEE IP 67.

• Sockets protected by interlocked magnetothermic differential.

• Emergency button always present.

• Earthed screw.

• Thermosetting resin handle for portable use.

• Brackets for fastening to wall.

• Fiberglass cable winder.

• Stand and wheels.

Especially suited for construction job sites and difficult environments.

The Electric Panel features a new LED system that helps you to check the line of your building site. Allows you to immediately identify the location of the fault. The LED system also displays the arrival of the earth, allowing you to work safely.