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Cement floors polishing

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Cement floors polishing

COMPLETE SYSTEM FOR POLISHING Cement Thanks to its new system not only the floor becomes 8 times harder and resistent but it doesn’t flake, peel or wear off. It is ecological, antiallergic, easy to clean and it is nice to see giving it a mirror effect

LEVIGHETOR MAX, a revolutionary floor machine. Ideal for grinding and polishing marble, terrazzo, granite Cement or polished Cement large surfaces, but even suitable for industrial surface preparation, bush hammering, grinding, old glues and resins removal, and more.

EXPANDER tackles large commercial floors like no other machine before! Its patented PLANETARY SYSTEM driven not by belts but by tempered-steel gears, sets EXPANDER in a league of its own over the competition. Thanks to this exclusive technology, it’s the only machine of its kind with an adjustable pressure feature. Nothing is a challenge for EXPANDER! It has powerful 15 HP motor and works comfortable even in smaller areas. Ideal to grinding and polishing polished Cement, Cement floors, marble, granite, gres

LEVIGHETOR 600 is a break-through machine that has changed the way marble, granite and any other natural stone floor is grinded, honed and polished! Thanks to the Klindex patented 360° directionable wheels that allow to move the machine in any direction, the LEVIGHETOR 600 can work in both large and narrow areas. Thanks to its powerful 4hp motor, the Levighetor 600 is the only mono-phase machine in the world that is able to work with additional weights for a total of up to 160kg (350lbs).
The Levighetor can fix various PLANETARIO SYSTEMS. The PLANETARIO is geared, therefore it allows you to run the diamond discs at 200, 800, 1000, 1200 or 2000 RPM depending on your application. The productivity rate is dramatically increased and the result is a more uniform finish at any grit. Ideal for Cement floors, polished Cement, marble floor, granite, gres, natural stone e industrial surfaces


Large commercial floors found their match with TIGER – another Klindex machine with high technology! Its patented PLANETARY SYSTEM driven not by belts but by tempered-steel gears, sets TIGER in a league of its own over the competition. It is available in two versions, 10 HP or 15 HP motor. The machine is ergonomically designed and easy to manage even in tight or narrow areas! Ideal for polishing Cement floors, marble, granite, wood, natural stone


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